Powder Info

This page is dedicated to all you Crafters that crave technical know how!

Armed with this powder related information you can wisely choose the correct product and plan your project to achieve optimum results. If you are still hungry for more answers please do not hesitate to contact us as we think the more you know the better your embossing will be.

Every powder shown in our Embossing Powder and Embossing Glitter product list will have its grade size and property listed based on the key below:

Grade Sizes Explained

Regular ( R ) – All our powders are available in this grade. The particles are made the correct size to suit most applications

Superfine ( SF ) – When the Regular grade powder overflows the edge of a line or a character a Superfine or “Detail” powder is required to give a crisp image. It will not give the highest raise but on a thin line it will feel just as high as the regular product.

Ultra High ( UH ) – This grade is a very chunky product. It is used for the Triple Embossing Technique and when a large area is to be embossed. It will give a high raise but can’t be used with regular or detailed stamps.

Powder Properties Explained

We make our powders with either a translucent or a white raw material. The different bases have different properties which make it possible to achieve all the wonderful effects.

Translucent ( T ) – These powders will allow light through them and so the colour under them will affect the finished result.

Opaque ( O ) – These powders will not let light through and so when embossing they will not be affected by the colour under them.

Marbling ( M ) – These powders have a white base and so when moulding the white will appear producing some fantastic marble effects

Mixture (X) – These products are blends of any Regular, Super Fine or Ultra High powder. 

White Balls in Powders

We add a couple of special products to our powders which make them perform better than the other powders on the market.

The white balls are formed by them when they remove moisture from the powder.

There is nothing to worry about. It is perfectly normal. When you heat the product the white balls disappear.