Dive into the world of coordinated creativity with our Trios sets. Curated combinations of embossing powders, Embossing Glitters, and Sparkles await your artistic touch.

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Our Trios are a handpicked selection of Embossing Powders and/or Embossing Glitters which all work beautifully together. 

Each Trio follows a theme which along with their colour combination makes them work both seperately and together to form beautiful results. 

Trios are packaged together and are sold as a set, at a reduced price, for the first 6-9months, after which we disband them. From then, they are available to purchase individually. 

… Inspired by Natasha Davies
Featuring Two Colour Blend Embossing Powders & One Embossing Glitter

Say You’ll Remember Me – A beautiful glossy translucent red with chunky clear
Hisss – 
Paint Me Golden – 

A beautiful themed collection of 2 Beautiful Embossing Powders and 1 Embossing Glitter.

Blue Skies – 
Wheatfields – 
United – 

Inspired by……Jo Firth-Young

Sherbet Fizz –
Plum Fizz –
Marshmallow Fizz – 

…Inspired by Jo Herbert

Red Glimmer – 
Copper Glimmer – 
Green Fields Glimmer – 

…Inspired by Marion Emberson

Dappled Pink – 
Dappled Peach – 
Dappled Coral – 

…Inspired by Sara Naumann

Minty Twinkle – 
Grape Fizz – 
Strawberry Sparkle – 

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