What is Embossing ?

Most people think it is used exclusively in the PaperCraft world, which 10 years ago they would have almost certainly been correct.

However, since then our Designers and Mixologists have been working hard to come up with powders and techniques that can be used on far more than just PaperCraft applications.

In fact it is being used on all sorts of substrates now and the powders have become a must have for mixed media artists who can use it in many different ways too.


If you are new to the Technique the following is a description of the simplest form of embossing: 

  • Create a wet image – traditionally by inking a Stamp with an embossing ink pad or an embossing pen.
  • Work quickly as the ink must stay sticky while the powder is applied.
  • Sprinkle the embossing powder over the entire area to be raised.
  • The powder needs to stick to the ink so it is important that the ink is still wet. Remove the excess powder by tapping the sheet and letting it fall back into the container.
  • Stray traces of powder can be brushed off or wiped away carefully.
  • Heat the powder with a heat tool, being careful to apply even heat to the whole area. 
    This is best done from underneath. 
  • Move the tool around slowly so as not to over heat or burn the paper. 
  • The powder will melt and leave a raised finish. 
  • It will take a few seconds to solidify so do not touch the molten powder too quickly!      

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