Primary Rainbow

Say hello to our Primary Rainbow Embossing Powders – the unsung heroes designed to be your vibrant starting point in the world of embossing magic.

Consider our Primary Rainbow Embossing Powders your crafting foundation. These powders deliver a spectrum of basic colours that every crafter needs. From red to violet, they've got your rainbow essentials covered. These powders are the smooth operators, flowing with elegance and boasting a glossy finish that's bound to catch your eye. 

Crafting Pro Tip:​

A Translucent Gem Secret

Quick heads-up from the pros – most of our Primary powders are translucent, meaning the result will vary based upon the colour underneath. This unique quality makes them the perfect choice for use with our Melt-iT powder, allowing you to mould vibrant, gem-like embellishments and jewellery that are nothing short of dazzling.

Opaque Primary Powders:

Opaque Wonders Unleashed

This category is playing double duty, so let's turn up the opacity with our Opaque Primary Embossing Powders – the strong, pigmented powerhouses that bring a deep, unchanging beauty to your projects. How do you spot them? Just look for that proud (O) on the jar – your signal that you're in for an opaque treat.  These Opaque Primary Powders are very strongly pigmented, creating a beautiful and deep hue that stands its ground, refusing to budge with the colour underneath. 

Crafting Pro Tip: Milky Way Effects ​

Here’s a little crafting secret – when these powders take centre stage in moulding, they produce effects akin to the milky way. Think dreamy, creamy, and utterly delightful. Your projects are in for an opaque treat! 

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