Ink Mastery: WOW Essentials for Impeccable Embossing!

Embark on an ink adventure with WOW's specially formulated tools, crafted to perfection for flawless embossing.

Ultra Slow Drying Ink Pad:

The Embosser's Secret Weapon

Introducing our WOW Clear Ultra Slow Drying Embossing Pad – the embosser's secret weapon for the perfect embossed image every time. Pair it with our Embossing Powders and watch your creations come to life. Keep the ink flowing effortlessly with our Reinker & Freestyle tool, ensuring you never run out of creative fuel.

Ink Pad Reinker, Conditioner & Freestyle Tool: Crafting Versatility at Your Fingertips

This multifaceted tool is not just a refill; it’s a crafting essential.

Revitalize your Embossing Pad with large circular motions, then go freestyle for fun and abstract designs. This tool is a must-have for keeping your creative journey vibrant and flowing. 

Embossing Pen:

Unleash Creative Possibilities

The Embossing Pen opens up a realm of creative possibilities. Explore embossing your handwriting, doodles, or add intricate details to coloured images. With a fine nib, this handy tool is sure to become your go-to for adding a touch of magic to your crafting projects.

Mixed Media Brush Tool: Elevate Your Art with Seth Apter's Touch

Inspired by Seth Apter, our Mixed Media Brush Tool is your key to elevating your art.
Paint on embossing fluid, mark-make, or add fluid in small places to achieve your desired effect. The specially formulated thick fluid pairs perfectly with Seth’s mixed media powders, offering a textured look and feel that’s perfect for mixed media enthusiasts.

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